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1 Background - Doctor Who

I hit a creative block while working on homework so I "freestyled" this. Hope you enjoy it :)

Eleventh Doctor
1280x800 - 1024x768


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51 Icons

Icons from late 2008 onward.

  • 2PM (Wooyoung)
  • 2NE1
  • Big Bang
  • Devil Beside You (Tw-drama)
  • Doctor Who
  • Boys Before Flowers (K-drama)
  • Lee Minho
  • Sean and Harang (Jinusean)
  • SHINee (Minho - lip-syncing DBSK's "Mirotic")
  • Shinhwa (requested)
  • Super Junior (Hankyung and Heechul)
  • They Kiss Again (Tw-drama)
  • Love Shuffle (J-drama)

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1 Background

LOL I just made this really random HyunA background. It only took me a few minutes! Who else is addicted to this song and it's cracktastic lyrics? For those who don't know, it's HyunA's (from 4minute) "Change." Like the sparkle magic?

1280x800 - 1024x768

Step step swagger~

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1 Background

I made this G-Dragon background for the heck of it. It was done pretty quick and it's rather simple, but I figured this place was looking rather naked. The lyrics are from GD's "소년이여/Boy."

1280x800 - 1024x768

Apologies if you have a bigger screen!

P.S. I just noticed that my icons aren't showing up any longer. If anyone wants a specific icon just let me know and I'll reupload.

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1 Background

Background featuring TOP of Big Bang.

1280x800 - 1024x768
1280x800 - 1024x768

I know that "미치고" means crazy and "싶어" is equivalent to "want." I just thought I'd note that I didn't get the two mixed up in the text. Speaking of the text, it's from 2NE1's "Fire," but you can take it for whatever you want.

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1 Big Bang Background

I made a Big Bang background yesterday and I thought I'd share it. The lyrics are from their unreleased song, "언제까지/Until Whenever." Credit for the images used to make the background goes to hyuntwins.

Big Bang
1280x800 - 1024x768

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70 icons, 1 background

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I'm back again! I I have some random icons I made, along with fulfilled requests for people; thank you for waiting so patiently. They are all sharable. Just so you know, I think a little favoritism shows through in my Big Bang icons lol. I thought I'd say it before anyone else did. OH, and I included a rather boring SHINee background that is obviously inspired by Big Bang's Marie Claire spread months back.

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All requests sharable
01-02: Act - Anna Paquin (requested by: thelackoflight)
05-32: Music - Big Bang
33-39: Music - Dong Bang Shin Ki (requested by itsplashes)
40-42: Television - Doctor Who, season 4
43-__: Music - Epik High (Tablo)
44-__: Music - Golf & Mike
45-47: Actress - Inoue Mao (requested by: xo_bodigulpa_ox)
48-__: Actor - Kanata Hongo (requested by: xo_bodigulpa_ox)
49-__: Music - Lee Seung Gi
50-__: Miscellaneous - ? (lol)
51-__: Actors - Mike He, Rainie Yang, Wang Kingone
52-__: Music - Otsuka Ai
53-54: Music - SHINee
55-56: Television - True Blood (requested by: thelackoflight)
57-__: Actress - Toda Erika
58-__: Television - Veronica Mars (requested by asweetdownfall)
59-61: Actor - Yamashita Tomohisa
62-64: J-drama - Zettai Kareshi/Absolute Boyfriend
65-70: Music - Zhang Li Yin/Jang Ri In

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I was looking through what icons I've made over the past while, and I don't have much variety (of subject). Plus, I know I haven't posted things that would be of interest to everyone lately. I don't know if anyone wants to request anything, but you sure can if you want to. My only requests are that you try to post HQ images (the bigger, the better) and tell me what the subject is. I can't promise masterpieces, but I will try my best. Thanks :D


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1 Background (Shin Ae)

I have been feeling like making big graphics lately, so I have another background for you. This time it features (Jo) Shin Ae, a Korean actress who has recently gained fame from her participation in We Got Married (as Alex of Clazziquai's "wife"). I made two versions: one with text, and one without text. The text is from Loveholic's "화분/Flower Pot" that Alex covered for Shin Ae on the show.

Shin Ae
Text: 1280x800 - 1024x768
Textless: 1280x800 - 1024x768

Here is the translation of the text I used:
I want to become a flower pot,
That stands on his small window sill.
Even if I won’t be able to say a word, or expect anything,
From time to time, I’ll receive his smile and caresses,
And just watch his sleeping face.

Please comment if you decide to save it :)

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1 Background (Big Bang)

I made a Big Bang background and I thought I would share it. Please comment if you download it :) Thanks.

Big Bang
1280x800 - 1024x768

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